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Helen Template - Loop animation set. (copy) (copy)

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(The usual regular commissions, without a previous template, are still available. In case you are not interested in this particular animation. Just write to my email as before)

This'll work like a put "your character here" (YCH) commission.

Pick a female character and I'll stage her using the above animation as a reference template. Which means the pose and movements will be the same. Preferably with the same body proportions, but it can be discussed.

The outfit and hairstyle will be up to you to choose.

You can choose between Vaginal or Anal penetration.

You'll get 5 animated loops at 1366 x 768.

1) Basic animation (no ass waves)

2) + Ass waves version

3) + Hair grab version

4) + Spank version

5) + Cum inside version

In addition, you'll get the same set but full-naked version.

You also have the option to skip the nude version instead, and order the same set but with a different type of penetration. That is, vaginal and anal.

So 10 animated loops in total.

The male skin tone it's up to you to choose. I can do a "lesbian strapon" edit too.

In each loop, you can choose what facial expression will she have by attaching references to my email later. In this point, I can do a blindfold or mouthgag edit too.

If you decide to make your purchase, make sure you have access to the account you have attached to this platform, since it is the email with which I will contact you.

Keep in mind that due to the time difference it may take me a while, at least 24 hours, to answer you properly.

Don't forget to check your spam inbox just in case.

But alternatively, you can write me with your purchase ID to this email: 000plusbestia000@gmail.com

Delivery time: 12 days.

I'll send you previews in the meantime.

These animations are private. It will be up to you to decide if you want to publish them in your media later.

Write to my email if you have any questions.

(Reference animations are attached with the purchase only for formal purposes of the platform. The final work will be sent to your email after the agreed deadline has expired)

Sold out, please go back and pick another option.

2 animation set. Dressed and Naked. 5 custom loops in each set.


Helen Template - Loop animation set. (copy) (copy)

0 ratings